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open August 30th

On August 30th, we want to open up our blog and every 2 weeks from then we will post what we call “a celebration of the arts.” You can send us a performance of poetry, of dance, of music, of spoken word, or simply a more traditional written post and we will showcase you on our blog based on your pitch to us. You can truly send us anything - we are excited to showcase all facets of writing and art. Our guidelines are simply that some component of your post be tied to culture - this could mean it is in a language other than English or it could simply reflect your cultural experiences. 


open January 22

We have begun recruitment for our Spring 2021 (NYC) Issue. More information can be found under Recruitment and Deadlines.

Our Lateness Policy for Writers and Artists:
1. We will not tolerate late submissions unless you email us at least 3 days in advance asking for an extension. 

2. We will not tolerate a lack of email communication from writers and artists alike. If you commit to working with Periphery for an issue, you must follow through (and if for some reason you cannot, we need an email explaining why). 

3. For op-eds, we will be mandating a standard MLA citation format. We expect that you will put in these citations by the second draft deadline. Email us if you are unsure how to cite a particular source!

4. We will be sending out a google form to writers asking how they would like their pieces to be published (e.g. anonymity, content warnings, etc.) You must fill out this form so we know if we have permission to share your work with artists under your name (you are under no obligation to publish with your name, but do let us know either way). 

Pitch your post!

Thanks for submitting!


open January 24

We will be accepting applications for the NYC Social Media and Outreach Manager position. Please email your application as a Word or Google doc to nycperipherymag@gmail.com by February 22, 2021 at 11:59 PM with the subject "NYC Media and Outreach Manager Application for First Name, Last Name."