The Fight

By Cynthia Rogers

Me against the world

What does that really even mean?

I never really got it

Until the day adversity hit.

As if the walls were closing in on me;

The eyes they follow

Out to get me.

Heart racing faster

Faith had disappeared, scared


No one was there

Look around, my friends have disappeared. Next my family is in despair.

Then school this place with faces everywhere. A dark room blank, I'm blind

With no emotional connection.

Just a cloud floating over you as time passes me by.


Saved by this feeling that I could have you, and the light that came with


But could I really?

You, who is You. Do you know who I am?

Last sliver of hope stripped away by fear;

Fear of losing the only happiness

I’ve had in years.

Those who were supposed to be there, kick you when you feel like you have already been kicked so far down that you are trapped in this cycle.


Take a jab, like a boxer I'm still fighting.

Here we go again sweating

Oh no mind raising never ending

The world is chasing and I am running but what if I stopped, just stopped,

Where I was and took the hits and walked,


walked as if I had a plan to keep going.