By Jane Paradis

When I heard the news you were laying in a hospital bed

I was scared I would be lost without you

You always wore a leather jacket ever since I was young

You were the sun and moon


I wear my sunglasses everyday, even inside

At night the moonlight shines upon my skin In the summer the hot glow of the sun

Heats me up so I glow

I’ll always have my shades so it won’t burn too much

The heat has always been sublime

We always take our beach chairs to the coast

I am able to breath in the deep essence of ocean air

Which has always been pumping through your veins

My body walking in slow motion Like the way one can stare at a clock and a day feels like a year

To slow the ticking you gave me 60s vinyl

To blast when some tears trickle down my face

Your aura blasts through vintage speakers

Some inspirations to my wavelengths


I feel ok being myself

I feel accepting of the strangeness of being oneself

The way that Pepsi is ok

The way that he is strong