Nazira Rahman

                 photo by Neha Mani

Oh mirror, mirror,

Speak to me.
Show me my truest form.

Show me the girl I’m meant to be,

The girl against the norm.

Oh mirror, mirror,

Talk to me.

Tell me why I see



Her, and not me, 

That’s what I see.


That girl standing there, she isn't me.

No no no,

There’s no way that she could be.

She’s staring back with bags under her eyes.

She’s self-destructive, obviously.

I happen to get more than enough sleep.


And sure, maybe I am a liar,

Yeah, sometimes I text goodnight at twelve,

And ignore the texts I see at three.

But no one ever has to know.


Oh mirror, mirror,

Tell me why.


Why can’t I take my own advice?
I’ve fooled you once, I’ve fooled me twice 


Why do I still need five alarms?
It’s not like I won’t wake up late,

I say six, I’ll get up eight.



Why is she still there?


That girl standing there, she can’t be me.

No. No. No!

There’s no way that she could be.

I’m different, I’m better, I’m supposed to be better-


But, when I tried to tell her that,

I couldn’t hear her talking back.